A Trans view of therapy. What we would like our therapist to know

4th July 2024


Are you worried about making a mistake and not offering the best service to clients who may be questioning their identity, sexuality and/or gender. Or clients who are transitioning or have transitioned. Therapy is often an important part of this process and it’s good to be informed.

This session will be a mixture of slides and discussion. Ash is happy to answer any of your questions. We are offering a safe space for you to explore your curiosity and learn about the issue from a different perspective.

We will keep the language simple and demystify the concept of transition. This session will support you in offering therapy to trans, gender neutral and non binary clients. No question is too silly. You can be open and genuine and discuss your worries around counselling trans people.

You will leave the evening feeling more confident and able to discuss gender issues with your clients.

The session is aimed at both trainee and qualified therapists who would like to know more about the topic.

Ash is a 25 year old trans woman. She came out during Covid and has been living as her true self since then. She understands that many of her peers need therapy and wants to make sure that the therapists they meet are ready for the challenge. Ash will do her best to answer all your questions.

Hope to see you there