“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple

I’m glad you have found your way here, my name is Debbie Livermore and I’m passionate about helping good counsellors and therapists use their skills in an environment that can support them to make a living. We can only be there for our clients if we are able to support ourselves.

I started my Private Practice some years ago, and remember how overwhelming those first few months were. I didn’t feel that my training had prepared me for the business side of things and yet I longed to work in my own practice, seeing the clients that suited my skills at the times that worked for me. There were moments when I wondered if I’d made a mistake taking the leap from a steady, corporate job with paid holidays, health insurance and a pension into this world of the unknown.

I haven’t looked back. I love what I do and have a thriving practice as well as a great network of supportive colleagues. And I can pay my bills!

If you are starting out on your own and would like support then read on. I have several packages that might suit you and also run short, one-off seminars to teach you the basics.

Let me help you follow your dream, use your skills and qualifications and help your clients.

Debbie Livermore Training and Mentoring

Setting up in Private Practice needn’t be overwhelming